Double Day Fridays!

Mike, Roshan and Somerlan survive another Friday double day! How come Mike is the only one with the appropriate look on his face?

So the official 2013 CrossFit¬†Games season is right around the corner and there have been a couple changes made to the rule book this year worth noting. The biggest one that stands out immediately is that only the top 48 men and women from the Open make it to Regionals. Each year the sport gets more and more competitive and with this recent change it’s now even harder to make it to the second phase of competition. So with that said, what are you guys doing to get ready for the Open? It looks like Mike, Roshan and Somerlan have a plan!

For more information on the CrossFit Games 2013 Rule Book click on the link.

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Weighted Walking Lunge (6 total steps out from rack, turn around, 6 steps back) 5 sets



Power Snatch

Toes 2 Bar