Double Under Challenge Winner!



If you’ve been paying attention to the white boards then you may have already figured out who the Double Under Challenge Winner is.  He was seen showing up to the evening classes regularly about 20 minutes early just to foam roll, get some extra warm ups, and most importantly, diligently practice his double unders.  With his opening 1min AMRAP performance of 9 just over a month ago, and recent finish of 72, Desmond increased his double unders by 63 reps!  That is a truly amazing increase in performance and work capacity.  Congratulations Desmond.

And although there can only be one winner, just about everyone who tested for the challenge had dramatic results.  Here are some of the astounding numbers with just a months practice:

Liz: 17-42 =25
Jenny D: 33-55 =22
Golden: 37-57 =20
Clinton: 10-27 =17
Chris D: 58-75 =17
Greg: 49-64 =15(and shortly after the challenge was over reached his goal of 102!)
Judy: 4-19 =15
Leslie: 26-37 =11
Chris 11-22 =11
Eric: 34-44= 10
Andy: 8-14 =7
Kirsten: 56-63 =7
Ryan: 17-21 =4
Wesley: 14-17 =3

Great job guys!  And it doesn’t stop here.   Keep practicing!



Only 5 more days left in the year.  Have you reached your goals yet?  Come practice!