Double Under Practice

Jason perfecting his double unders

Jason perfecting his double unders

By Jocelyn

With the holidays may come some travel or “at home time” which is the perfect opportunity to work on your double unders.  A jump rope is a very worth-while (and cheap- they are about 3 bucks at Target) investment. Since the length is a very personal thing, and  it is easy to travel with or take anywhere, everyone should have their own; not to mention we’re in the middle of the double under challenge and you have the opportunity to win $150 dollars in prizes!  As you practice keep the following tips in mind:

1. Choose a rope that is approximately arm pit length when you are standing on it with two feet.
2. As you jump, keep the jump “under control.”  Don’t lift feet super high off the ground by pulling your heels to your butt or knees to your chest.  This will only wear you out faster and make it tough to keep an even tempo for very long.  You may find that piking your jump (toes pike forward rather than bending the knees back) helps to eliminate that donkey kick.
3. Keep your hands close to your hips as you turn the rope over.  Don’t let them sway far away from your hips, shortening the rope, and causing it to catch on your feet.  This also helps eliminate fatigue in your arms and shoulders- think about doing big arm circles away from your body for a period of time-it gets a bit tiring.
4. Only turn the rope with your wrists.  Avoid using your elbows as the fulcrum or your entire arm to turn the rope.
5. Try to avoid suddenly taking an extra high jump as you attempt to whip the rope under for a double.  Shoot for keeping the jump pretty close to the same tempo and height as your normal jump.
6. Try getting an even single under tempo going and begin to throw in doubles every few jumps.  Soon, decrease it to every other.  Eventually begin to string the double unders together.
7. The double unders, with diligent practice, isn’t actually that hard to figure out so long as you can be patient and keep your composure.  Try not to get frustrated as you learn.  Be determined, practice every day, and within a couple weeks you should be well on your way.

Thursday, Nov 26th 9AM ONLY
Friday, Nov 27th 9AM and Noon ONLY




4 rounds-where 1 round is the following:

7 Thrusters (135/95)

2 Muscle Ups

7 Thrusters (135/95)

2 Muscles Ups

100m Shuttle Run