Eat Healthy – CSA Shares with Fogline Farm


The bounty of the harvest at Fogline Farm


Last spring I committed to one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made for my health and fitness: I joined a CSA.   Those three letters stand for “Community Supported Agriculture”.  A CSA share is your “ROI” from investing in a local farm.  Or, to put it much more simply (and perhaps a bit more realistically): pre-pay upfront for a large percentage of your groceries, instead of going to the store, it’s delivered to you (or a drop off point), it’s all organic, all local, extremely yummy & good for you, and the commitment pretty much forces you to eat healthy for most of the year.

I had friends that had done CSA’s in the past and I had a pretty horrible vision of them bringing home garbage bags full of lettuce every week. So I set out to find something better.  I called or emailed just about every CSA in town.  I had a vision in my head of what I wanted: not just loads and loads of greens, but more variety: greens, roots, berries, fruits, and protein – there had to be someone out there doing something like this right?    After weeks of searching, I had pretty much decided the answer to that question was “wrong”.  That is, until I found Fogline Farm – just a short drive away in the Soquel hills.  Fogline operates a beautiful, and what I would call “holistic” farm – meaning, it’s not just a couple crops.  They’ve of course got the standards – kale, lettuce, chard, beets, tomato, onion, garlic, etc.  But they’ve also got strawberries (lots of them), and apple orchards, peach orchards, and oh, did I mention: chickens? pigs? fresh eggs?  Yes, it is as amazing (and Paleo) as it sounds.  The farm follows a permaculture design – the pigs graze in the orchards and churn the soil, the chickens are rotated through behind the pigs to clean up, and it all comes together for a thriving farm ecosystem that produces amazing food.

After an awesome first year with Fogline, I will be signing up for the CSA Program again this year and I recently met with Caleb from Fogline Farm to work out CrossFit West as one of this year’s drop-points.  Meaning: sign up for your CSA through Fogline and you’ll be able to pick up your box of fresh, local, organic food each week at CFW.    And while it may seem a little bit of an investment up front, I can personally testify it is well worth it.  This is money you would’ve been spending all year long anyway at The Farmers Market, New Leaf, Whole Foods, or wherever you shop.  But by participating in a CSA, you’ll be making a commitment to yourself to eat healthy, and a commitment to our local farm community here in Santa Cruz to buy local and direct from our hard working farmers.

-Read more about Fogline’s CSA Program Here.

-If you have questions, you can contact Fogline directly, or feel free to ask me [email protected], if you want to know how it worked for me, and how it will logistically operate at CFW.

-Lastly, and most importantly, Fogline has offered a CrossFit West tour at the farm!  This is an opportunity not to miss – even if you are unable to commit to the CSA, you should still come out for this farm tour. It’s a beautiful place, and great family-friendly learning experience.  We’ll be shooting for a weekend in late February.  Email me, [email protected], directly and I’ll add you to the list for the farm tour so we can pick a date that works for everyone.

CSA – don’t miss it!


p.s.  For anyone wondering, no, this is not a business opportunity for CFW.  We are not taking any type of revenue split from Fogline and I will be paying the same price as everyone else for my CSA.  I believe in supporting our farmers and I believe in bringing the best health and fitness opportunities to our clients at CrossFit West.



Snatch – 2-2-2-2-2


Freddy’s Revenge” – 5 Rounds:
5 Shoulder-to-Overhead 185/125
10 Burpees