Every Dog Has His Day



In today’s post, Jocelyn writes very honestly about her experience at the CrossFit Games last weekend. I think I speak for all when I say “Joc, you are still our hero no matter what happened at the Games.  We love you champ, and are proud of the way you represented CF West.”

It’s been 2 days since the end of the CrossFit Games and my back still has an unbearable pain that runs from the middle of my arch down to my glutes.   My mind is tired.  My ego bruised.  For a moment, the ultra competitive athlete in me walks away from the day’s events moping and avoiding eye contact with anyone, kicking a rock as I go (for effect of course), as I did not finish as well as I hoped.  I reflect on a moment when between events I finally had a chance to visit the CrossFit West tent.  An amazing group of people gathered there to support me and our affiliate team, wearing their “I Heart Joc” shirts–Coach Sam, and our team of Desmond, Kyle, Jason, Nicole, Golden, and Vero, as well as Nancy, Emily, Mia, Mowgli, Beto, Leah, Chris, Kirsten, John, Cliff, Vince, Casey, Gideon, Dave, Daniel, Ashley, Justin, Billy and many more family and friends.  I had a moment of humility, almost shame that I wasn’t able to perform better for them.  I had gone into this weekend with the utmost confidence, ready to perform.  I believed I was fully prepared and I knew I had all of the support anyone could ask for.  I had just come off of a huge Regional Qualifier win, feeling strong and on top of the world.  But then, out of the hopper came the workouts, and little did I know, the humbling was about to begin. 

In order, Saturday’s events were:

1. 7.2K trail run through steep terrain, poison oak, and slippery rocks.

2. Deadlift ladder- start at 185lbs and increase 10lbs every 30 sec to failure.

3. 170m sandbag hill sprint- 35lb sandbag.

4. Row 500m, pound 3ft stake into ground with a sledge hammer, then row another 500m

5. 3 rounds: 30 Wallballs 14lbs, 30 Squat Snatches 45lbs.

Every round, the bottom 10 competitors were dropped out of the race.  After 5 events on Saturday, out of 150 athletes, only 16 athletes (16 male and 16 female) were invited to compete on Sunday. 

There’s a weird thing about the feeling in your gut when you have to face the people who support and believe in you after you fail.  It makes me think of a video I recently watched of CrossFit hero Josh Everett when he said “you have to be humble otherwise the workouts will humble you.”  This weekend was the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance and included events that humbled me completely.  These events reminded me that no matter how good you are, you can always be better.  There is always another stone that needs to be turned, a skill that needs to be improved.  The athletes that made it to the end showed tremendous capacity to tackle anything that could possibly be thrown their way.   Watching these people make it through the first 5 events and then move into Sunday, and still manage to power through the rest of the workouts, completely awed me, and reflected the true ability to be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable. 

Funny thing is, as the days begin to pass and I repeatedly reflect on the weekend, that competitor in me is finally able to lighten up a little.  After all, I had the opportunity to be in the company of some of the greatest athletes in the world.  Many of whom have been my CrossFit heroes since I became a CrossFit junky and internet nerd.  I got to compete next to Josh Everett, Chris Spealler, Tanya Wagner, Gillian Mounsey, Caity Matter, Rob Orlando, Pat Sherwood, Ricky Frausto, Heather Keenan, and many many more.  I am finally able to realize that just to have made it into that top group of athletes is a major feat in itself.  Every dog has his day, and although it wasn’t mine, I’m able to step back and take my own advice–just be better.  And that’s exactly what I will be working to do for next year, right alongside you all.  Just be better. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming out to support us this weekend.  We have such an amazing group of people in the CrossFit West family and I am so proud to be a part of it. 

I heart CrossFit West.

My Favorite Moments:

  • Not just PRing in my deadlift, but blowing Cliff out of the water with 325lbs.  That might take you a while buddy!
  • Arm wrestling Travis Bagent- he beat me even though I used two hands.  Lifted me off the ground in fact. 
  • Competing next to all of the CrossFit celebs.
  • Befriending Gillian Mounsey (funny because we were pitted against each other going into this thing).
  • Sliding down the hills like a downhill skier on the trail run. 
  • Watching our Affiliate team kick ass in their workouts.  Somehow, the run relay was the most exciting.  It looked so fun you guys!
  • Seeing our big group in “I Heart Joc” shirts cheering me on in the stands.

Details about the CF West community party for family and friends on July 25th are coming soon.  Please save the date.


7 Rounds

3 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters 135/95#

5 Pullups C2B (of course!)

7 GHD situps

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.