Everyday Virtuosity


PJ sets up with 285.

Gets it airborne...

and stands tall.

During warmup in class today, we were doing stretches with the stick–dislocates, round-the-worlds, flag poles, etc, and then we did 10 overhead squats. As I looked around the gym, I noticed that some people were really concentrating on the proper mechanics of the movement while a few people were simply going up and down without caring about technique.


Virtuosity is created through constant attention to detail in the most mundane of tasks. Slowly that attention takes less and less effort. You body (and mind) remembers patterns and those patterns become ingrained habits. Those habits eventually become your character. Thus, slop in the gym can lead to slop in life.  But beyond personality habits, poor movement in the gym manifests itself in poor movement in every other physical activity. A master of movement in one physical arena will have a marked advantage in any other physical arena. And, that mastery will be reflected in an action as simple as walking.

Three masters of movement–Gillian Murphy, Paloma Herrera, and Maria Riccetto, will be performing at the Sunset Center in Monterey this weekend. These three are among the absolute best and most famous ballet dancers in the world, the very best. Why they are in Monterey, I have no idea, but these girls have a lock on virtuosity. For tix and info, click here.


Overhead Squat

Find your 3RM

Then (from CFFB):

Complete five 90 second rounds:

You have 90 seconds to complete the following:

5 Deadlifts – 315 lbs
Max Rep Ring Dips

Post total ring dips to comments.