Evidence Based Nutrition


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There’s all this controversial banter out there right now about nutrition and the “right” way to fuel up. Should we Zone, eat Paleo, or do both? Does it really matter that much if we weigh and measure? And how about beans and tofu? Isn’t that a good source of protein? With just two weeks left in the Paleo Challenge, I wanted to point you all in the direction of a fantastic testimonial by Laura DeMarco. Laura, a top Games competitor, made some huge changes in her diet immediately after attending a Robb Wolf Nutrition Seminar and the results were astounding.

Robb Wolf, who most of you have probably heard Kyle and I reference on almost a daily basis since the start of our Challenge, is a fantastic resource for nutrition education and many other health topics. You can read Laura’s testimonial and learn much more from Robb at www.robbwolf.com.

Now would also be a great time to start thinking about your own testimonials. Look back at some old pictures. Flip back to the beginning of your training log. Try on a pair of your old pants. Come in to OPEN GYM on Sunday and revisit an old WOD to see how you fair. Chances are you will surprise yourself immensely.

In the mean time eat clean, train hard, and may the most committed athlete win!


Strict Press


AMRAP 12 min:

3 Jerks (185/130)

6 KB Swings (2 Pood/1.5 Pood)

50m Sprint

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