Exciting Things!

CrossFit West trainer Danny V demonstrates good rowing technique to newcomer Rupesh.

Hey folks!  We’ve got lots of exciting events on our CrossFit West calendar so get your little black books and pens out!  First up, as featured in the last post, we’ve got our Grand Opening party on Oct. 23rd.  For details click here.

Our next big event is the prestigious CrossFit Endurance certification!  CrossFit West will be hosting the CrossFit Endurance cert on Nov. 20-21st.  This is an amazing chance to learn about proper running mechanics and endurance techniques that can help take minutes off your mile time, Helen time, and more!  It will include video taping and drills.  Attendees will also learn about nutrition, recovery, injury prevention, and care.  To learn more and sign up check out the events calendar on the left of our page (www.crossfitwest.com) or by clicking here.  This is a great cert and we recommend it to all of our athletes whether you are a runner, organized sports athlete, or just a serious CrossFitter!

These events plus many more to come can be viewed on our new events page.  Please check in regularly as CrossFit West intends on having a full calendar indefinitely!


Press 5×5

3 Rounds

30 OH Plate Lunges

20 Pull Ups