Exercise=Bigger Brain

I think by now that most people are aware of the child obesity problem in America.  Yeah, it is kind of bad, but then again so is the adult obesity epidemic in America. As sports and physical education programs in schools are being cut back, kids are exercising less and less.  Combine this with the incredible amount of time kids spend on the computer and video games, and it’s no surprise that sedentary levels are off the charts.

The New York Times recently wrote of another reason beyond physical health for kids to exercise.  Improved intelligence.  While I am aware that this phenomenon may have passed me by, exercise has been shown to enhance brain function and brain size.  This has been proven through both tests and M.R.I.s.

The studies ran the range from ones on grade-school children to a Swedish study with over a million 18 year old Army inductees.  All with the same results. Even studies performed on juvenile rats and tread wheels concurred. Another point made by the article is that the exercise needs to be actual exercise, not Wii or other sports-style video games.

It seems that exercise, combined with a good diet, is coming closer and closer to being a true panacea for so many health problems, as well as having untold benefit for those who engage in it.

The full NY Times is article is here.

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Front Squat



1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Thruster 135/85#

Scaled Up Pullup (C2B, Muscle Up, Weighted Pullup, Deadhang, etc)

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

Rest 1 minute after the 1st round and 2 minutes after the 2nd round

(A shout out to Ben M who did this WOD rx’d with bar muscle ups even though he had never done a bar muscle up before. It took him 36 minutes and his hands were ready for the emergency room, but rarely had I witnessed such an example of mental focus and fortitude. Good work Ben)