Missing The Back Squat Safely

On a Roll!!! Matt Z, a freshly minted 18 year old, is having a good week with PRs in the deadlift (425x2) and jerk (260).

Keep it up Matt, and good luck on Open WOD 1.

I was talking to a CF West member yesterday and she mentioned that she was really nervous about dumping a back squat, so she never pushed herself to go deep with really heavy weight. I was thinking about doing a little write up on the subject, when up popped this post and video from CF Los Gatos trainer and competitor Devin L. Thanks for the great tutorial, Devin.

Missed Lifts…

They’re bound to happen at some point or another in your training. It definitely pays to know how to safely and effectively bail out of a bad or missed rep. For today’s post I wanted to touch on back squats and the proper way to get out of a bad lift with this movement. Before I start though, I’m sure some of you might be thinking, “well why not just have someone to spot you?” Here is why, the back squat is a hard movement to spot, especially if there is only one individual present for that task. Along with being hard to spot, it’s just plain unsafe to spot and puts two people at risk of injury. There is no need for a spotter as long as the lifter knows how to get out of there the correct way, and here is how that’s done. In the event of a back squat that cannot be finished, the first thing to do is change levels, this might happen on its own as your legs and core slowly give way. If you find yourself starting to hunch over this is where you need to know when the lift is too far gone to save it. With that said, in either case you need to change levels back down just enough so that you can shrug the barbell off your back and pop out from under there, going forward of course, so that you clear the barbell. This is very easy to learn and the most effective way I have seen so far for getting out of a bad or missed back squat. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please post to Comments. Below is a video of how to properly perform this maneuver.

Also for anyone curious, that’s 395 lbs on the bar. Legs were definitely a lil fatigued from Monday’s training. Enjoy.



Rest Day