Faces of Elizabeth



Everyone in CrossFit knows about the ‘girls’, aka the ‘storms’. These are the original benchmark workouts of CrossFit, so called because they are all named after hurricanes. In our eagerness to make up and do fancy or new workouts, we sometimes forget about the girls. Every CrossFitter should hit the girls on a regular basis, repeating them every few months. Regularly repeating the same WOD will give you insights into your training, and your programming, that otherwise might not occur. Don’t be scared to change them around either. Add a little weight to Grace, intervals to Helen, or mix up the clean on Elizabeth. Amundson and I once spent two weeks doing only Fran, Grace, and Helen. We did ’em with intervals, weight changes, variations of the movements, even backwards. I experienced a real breakthrough in my understanding of CrossFit afterwards.

What is your favorite girl and why?



21, 15, 9

Clean 135/85#

Ring Dip