June and Jenny Fountain, shared CrossFit.

Working out with family adds a fun element to your CrossFit training. It is also a good method to get a family member to pay more attention to his or her health. Sometimes the only way to get someone you care about to exercise is to do it with them yourself. As we all know, CrossFit is pretty intense and not easy. Sharing it with a family member is a great way to deepen your relationship with that person. Misery shared is a great bond.


1st Round

10 Push Press

10 Front Squat

10 Burpee Box Jump

10 Ring Dips

2nd Round

8 Push Press

8 Front Squat

8 Burpee Box Jump

8 Ring Dips

3rd Round

6 reps of each exercise

4th Round

4 reps of each exercise

5th Round

2 reps of each exercise

Guys use 135 pounds, dolls use 85.

Do the workout with a partner and really sprint each round. The rest between each round is however long it takes for your partner to complete the round. If you do not have a workout partner, rest for the time it took you to complete the previous round.