Fare Thee Well

Matt Z--off for the summer.

In many ways Santa Cruz is a transient town. Two big colleges and an even bigger ocean means that lots of people come through Santa Cruz. And while this is great because we get to meet people we might never have, it also sucks because those people usually leave. This is the case with the many of the college students at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. We se them regularly for a year, two years, four, get to know them, become friends, and then they are gone. Back to home and parts beyond. And more power to them. But we always miss them. Some come back in August or September, whenever school starts back up, but many are outta here, seen again only on the rare visits.

Good luck you guys. We miss you. Drop a line whenever you can.

Reminder: The Gabriella Cosner Benefit Obstacle Course is Sunday, July 1st, 11-3. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Mark your calendars.


Bench Press

5×5 add 5#


AMRAP in 8 Minutes

10 KB Swing (53/35)

10 Box Jump (24/20)

100m Sprint