By Jocelyn

Wall Balls.  I just hate doing them.  For some reason the awkwardness of the weight distribution in the ball just throws me off when I have to recieve it as it fall back down towards me.  Then you have the light weight and high reps that is usually associated with them.  They’re just not my cup of tea.  I always joke that I’ve got to trick myself into doing them by squeazing them in between my favorite movements, they way you trick little kids into eating their veggies by putting spinach in their burger meat.  But just because I don’t like doing them doesn’t mean I can avoid them.  Being better depends on it. 

Now Snatch and Clean & Jerk, there’s a different story.  The precision required in the mechanics makes it so fascinating and exciting- a puzzle,  an art.  It’s like dominos, one part of the movement flowing into the next.   And if one part goes wrong it can screw up the whole lift.  The strength and explosion required gets me amped, and the empowered feeling I get when I complete the lift darn near can’t be matched.  It’s strength, and precision, and art, and sheer bad-ass-ness all wrapped into one beautiful movement. 

But that’s just me.  That’s what I like.  That’s what I’m built for. 

Hey, everyone’s got there strengths and weaknesses and for lots of reasons.  What are your least and most favorite CrossFit movements and why?