Snickers, CrossFit Longevity's newest and dramatically youngest member, is more like a loaded cute cannon than barbell.

Heavy deadlifts! Along with back squat singles, not much strikes more fear in lifters’ hearts. The are just hard and they demand total commitment. Heavy lifts demand total fearlessness. A loaded barbell is like a dog, it can smell fear. You need to approach that thing with no fear whatsoever, total confidence.

Before one of CFWSC’s athletes does a max lift, I will often ask them if they are going to make the lift. Sometimes the answer is a strong affirmative “Yes”, but sometimes it is is more of a “yes?”. I look at them and query whether they are asking me or telling me. That usually results in a rousing “YES” and, after a chalk cloud high ten, the lifter makes the lift.

Attitude. Fearlessness. Confidence. It makes all the difference.


Weighted Pullup 5×5

Weighted Dips 5×5

(Superset these two movements together at a static weight.


AMRAP in 12 minutes

10 T2B

15 Wallball 20/14#

200m run