Fight Club


Tomorrow is the inaugural Fight Club at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. Want to get down and dirty in a quick little comp, winner takes all? Fight Club is a monthly throwdown at West that, in true CrossFit fashion, will vary each month. Sometimes it will be individual, other times with a partner or team. Sometimes it might be a couple WODs or lifts, other times just one. The comp kicks off at 6:30, so get there early and warm up.


CrossFit West Fight Club

Thursday, December 5th, 6:30pm

Restrictions: None (individual event, open to all levels)

Rules of Fight Club:

1) Don’t talk about Fight Club.

2) Don’t be a dick.

3) Show up, pay $5, go hard, winner of each division takes all.

4) Warm-up on your own time, show up early if you need to.  Event start time is WOD start time, be prepared.

5) Count your own reps, there are no judges…  Get caught cheating?  Public shame, permanent exile.

6) Each date will have it’s own prerequisites: some dates are open to all, some are Rx’d only, others are individual, some are couples/teams, maybe a women’s only, perhaps a masters… who knows? we’ll see.  Check event date announcement for specifics and restrictions.

7) Fight Club is short, we all got jobs and s$%t to do – 60-90 minutes in total length, 1-2 events.

8) Don’t be a dick.

9) Don’t talk about Fight Club.

Questions?  Send email to: [email protected]

The normal 6:30 class at CrossFit West is canceled, so if you aren’t doing Fight Club, please get to the gym earlier.

Workout (not the Fight Club WOD):