Fight Gone Heavy


You can create a new WOD by slightly changing an existing one. Usually it is changed by going with a heavier weight–135# thrusters instead of 95#–or changing the movement–full cleans instead of power cleans. This is a great way to break through a plateau. Another way to break a plateau by tweaking an existing WOD is to use the Tabata protocol. For example, if your Grace time is stagnant, do a full Tabata clean and jerk with Grace weight. Or even bump the weight up. After a month or two of doing clean and jerks in a different context than rx’d Grace, hit Grace again. I’ll bet your time will drop and that plateau will be left behind.

Today’s WOD is a good example of tweaking an existing workout. Fight Gone Heavy is done Fight Gone Bad style (3 rounds of 1 minute of five exercises with 1 minute rest between rounds. The clock never stops).

Jumping Back Squat 95/65#

Power Clean 135/85#

Box Jump 40/28″

Push Press 135/85#

Row (for calories)

Thanks Boz.