Fight Night

Joanna and Bleri; chest-to-bar

Joanna and Bleri; chest-to-bar.

The California State Amateur MMA Championships are happening this Saturday, the 23rd, at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium downtown. Presented by Showdown in Surftown, there will be 9 championship bouts, with every weight class represented. There are also 5 undercard fights. CrossFIt West Santa Cruz sponsored fighter Chris Buron will be fighting in the 145# class. Coming off a great training camp, and a big win at the last Showdown in Surftown, Chris is looking to turn pro soon. Come out and support Chris and enjoy a great night of of the top amateur MMA in California. Tickets are just $40 for 14 fights–that’s less than a dollar a round! The show starts at 6pm. Click here for tickets. This event is already two thirds sold out, so don’t wait.

Please don’t forget about Gym Beautification Day, this Sunday at 10am. We need your help, thank you.