Fight Night!

Dump! Finding a new 3RM, Shawn S doubles 340# and safely dumps the 3rd. Great effort Shawn.

New bumpers! Over half a ton of brand new bumps from Wright Rubber arrived today to replace all the fallen soldiers (the big stack in the corner used for OH lunges and stuff). Get some.

The Kaijin fight team enters the squared circle for 9 fights on Saturday. You have probably seen these guys around the box M/W/F mornings (they are the really flexible crew warming up on the side of the mats) as they supplement their kickboxing training with workouts at CF West. Good luck guys.

Ian Droze, the same Ian that will be co-teaching the CF West Summer Sports Series Olympic Weightlifting workshop next Saturday (the sign up sheet is on the front counter), just placed third in the US National Weightlifting Championships. He earned bronze medals in the snatch, the clean and jerk, and the total. Congratulations Ian.


8x 1 Power Clean/1 Hang Squat Clean




Clean 135/95

Ring Dip