Firebreather Athletics

Pat W


Shawn T

Firebreather Athletics is a uniquely CrossFit clothing line. It is inspired and influenced by the original CrossFit firebreather Greg Amundson and is owned by his wife Mallee Amundson, an affiliate owner and HQ trainer. Years ago, at the old HQ in Santa Cruz, Greg and some of the early CF guinea pigs did a lung burner that left them on the floor. Greg was to later remark that the WOD made him breathe so hard that it was as if he was breathing fire.  And so the firebreather legend was born.

But, what is unique about Firebreather Athletics as opposed to other athletic clothing lines is that it is steeped in Greg’s philosophy of effort and unconditional belief in yourself.  Greg’s Positive Self-Talk seminar figures prominently into the Firebreather Athletics philosophy. The company’s definition of firebreather reflects this:

Firebreather – Fie-r’-brë-th-er: (n) 1. One who faces the triumphs and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit. 2. An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete.

In most people’s eyes, a firebreather is a great athlete, a Games competitor, the best CrossFitters at their affiliate. Not in Greg’s eyes however. To him, one is a firebreather based on attitude and effort, not physical ability. In fact, to Greg some of the greatest firebreathers are not people whose names will ever appear on the record boards, but rather people who have overcome great opposition just to be doing the workout, never mind their score.

Firebreather has some stock shirts that it always has in supply, but it has also partnered with various CrossFit innovators and athletes to create limited edition shirts that reflect that person’s unique view and passion for CrossFit. Examples are the Brian MacKenzie shirt, the Josh Everett shirt, and the Tony Blauer shirt. Perhaps we will see a CF West shirt soon.

Firebreather also incorporates Greg and Mallee’s commitment to community by donating a percentage of each shirt’s sale to various youth charity organizations, such as Steve’s Club.

In this age of big corporations and shady practices, it is refreshing to be able to support a company that you can believe in. Firebreather is one of those few.  And besides, the original Firebreather shirts were all field tested at CF West.

Your moment of power is a little capoeira. A little warmup and then into the roda. Pretty impressive.


1 Power Snatch

1 Squat Snatch

On the minute for 10 minutes.


3-5 Rounds (depending on weight used)

250m Row

5 Muscle Ups

10 Overhead Squats 135/95#-95/65#

20 Double Unders