Firebreather Series Episode 2

Steve breazing through a legless rope ascent.

Mike M getting in on the rope action for gymnastics appreciation day.

Andy doing 53lb weighted pullups for reps.

Firebreather workout tomorrow, Saturday March 6th, 12:30PM. The following workouts will take place within a 2 hour period:

Workout #1:

30 min to find 1RM Back Squat, 1RM Front Squat, 1RM OH Squat

Workout #2:

AMRAP 5 min max muscle ups

* Scaled:  amrap 5 min c2b pullups , ring dips, any order, min 10 each)

Workout #3:

3 Rounds

100ft OH Plate Walking lunge (45/35)

400m Run

30 KB Swings (2 pood/1.5 pood)

More details and scoring will be explained at the meet.   We encourage all local firebreathers to attend. That’s those who are signed up for sectionals or have aspirations to compete eventually.  Come join the fun.  And anyone interested in helping to judge in order to give our athletes the best practice in top standards please come on out.  Hope to see everyone there!