Firefighter Fran

Congratulations to CFWSC coach Chris M on his PR 315# front squat yesterday.

He then took the 315 for a 400yd yoke-style walk (10 lengths of the gym).

Ever done Fran? Ever done Fran with a 45 pound vest? Ever done Fran while breathing through a straw and wearing a 45 pound vest? Ever done Fran while wearing the bulkiest clothes imaginable, breathing through a straw, and wearing a 45 pound vest?

During Open Gym this Sunday, some of CrossFit West Santa Cruz’s cohort of firefighters (minus those working or getting married, or whatever Rich claims to be doing–congratulations buddy) will be doing Firefighter Fran. That’s Fran in full turnouts. Mask, tank, boots, nomex, the works.

It all starts at high noon–12pm. Come cheer them on. It is going to be epic.

A huge congratulations to CF West athlete Helen C on her recent completion of the Rio Del Lago 100 mile ultra marathon. That’s bad ass.


Fight Gone Bad!