Fish Oil

100_2462By Jocelyn
After watching and reading Dr Barry Sears speak so highly of fish oil and then trying it for myself, I highly recommend a high dose fish oil regimen. Fish oil helps decrease inflammatory cytokines which are prevalent because of our pro-inflammatory diets. Systemic inflammation can hinder recovery because of poor blood flow to the tissue leading to poor tissue quality and slow healing. Thus, it is important to overall limit inflammation from dietary sources (too many carbohydrates), as well as take healthy systemic anti-inflammatories like omega-3s from fish oil-

When I say high dose, I mean high dose. This means more than your typical 3 capsules per day as recommended on most fish oil bottles. Some CrossFitters will even consume upwards of 10 grams per day (for example, I take 15 capsules of the Kirkland brand with 684mg of omega 3! Sounds excessive, but it works). This is a personal choice based on my own research and doesn’t mean it is the right dose for everyone. If you want to learn about what the right amount is for you check out Dr Barry Sears’ Talk.

You can also learn a ton more about fish oil and other important nutrition tips from the guru himself at


That’s right, a non-barbell day. I know, wierd!

High Box Jump

Jumping Squats
Supine Ring Pull Ups
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400m run