Fitness and Longevity

Greg and Ben; short sprints on the track.

The vast majority of people do CrossFit to be better everyday.  To be healthier, stronger, more mobile, fitter, than they were the day before.  They aren’t competing, or have ideas of competing. They don’t care about having their names on the record boards, they just care about the PR board.  They CrossFit because they know that it helps them in their everyday life, and will have dramatic affect upon their life years from now.

CrossFit is a combination of different methods of physical training–weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastics, for example.  Much of CrossFit’s training protocols can be traced to combat sports such as boxing.  Excepting the physical punishment of being hit, combat sports are another great path to fitness.

Yesterday, in Thailand, two senators from the upper house of the Parliament (where lawmakers have no party affiliation) donned trunks and gloves for an exhibition match outside the parliament building in Bangkok.  Both senators, 64 and 59 years of age respectively, are former professional fighters who still rely on Thai kickboxing conditioning for their fitness and health.

The match took place in a ring specially constructed for the fight and the crowd of spectators included most of the Thai Parliament.  The exhibition match was a promotion for kickboxing, the national sport of Thailand, and it’s purpose was to encourage youngsters to do it.

The match went two rounds and was called a draw. Rather than just dancing around each other, the senators threw real punches and kicks for both rounds, and one was even knocked down (by the 64 year old).

Far beyond platitudes, beyond Games championships, beyond the record boards, the goal of every CrossFitter should be the ability to fight two rounds in their early sixties.  To have the stamina, the endurance, the strength, and the mobility to throw kicks and punches, to move and slip and dodge.  Or, of course, the equivalent.

And come to think of it, a boxing match might be a very good way for our politicians to resolve some of their differences.

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