Flip Flop Friday

The noon class gets some.

This Friday I am challenging everyone to come to a different class. If you are a 6am person, come to the 6pm class. See how your body moves after being up and moving around for 10 hours. If you usually come to the 5pm class rushing over from work, set your alarm early and stroll in to the 6 or 7am class. You can get up early one day. Mix it up. We are creatures of habit. We like to use the same platform and rack (Electra, Johnny, Somerlan?), work out at the same time, the same classes, the same trainers. Mix it up. Do you usually lift facing the wall? Turn and face the room. See how that affects your lifts. Do you always do pullups with palms out? In?  Change your grip around. You will be surprised at how much you depend on little habits. Mix it up.

This Friday I hope to see some class flip flopping going on. Come at a different time. Come earlier, come later, come twice. Go for it.


Overhead Squat

Find 1RM for the day. Back off 15-20 pounds and do 3 doubles.



Thruster 95/65#


200m Run after each couplet.