Focus, Foresight, Fruition.

Pete Harding and the rest of "Team 6:00 am" hits it hard during Wednesdays KB-Swing/Bar-Dip couplet. Welcome Back, Pete!!!--We missed you!!

I recently saw part of a very good, insightful documentary on Olympic Gold Medalist, Aly Raisman; “Aly Raisman; Quest For Gold”.  Part of the documentary really focused on her training and showcased the truly remarkable level of commitment, work and time she has to invest into training, as well as the incredible sacrifices she has had to make, …moving away from her family and doing school online, training 7 days a week, …even missing things that most people would never consider missing, …such as walking at her Graduation.  …I recommend watching it should you ever have/justify the time.  It’s really quite good and very insightful as to the life, commitment and sacrifice of an Olympic Athlete, …as well as their incredible focus, patience, foresight and ability to see and understand the bigger picture, …their training and career path on a much grander scale.

…The 2012 Olympics are over. …As are the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games.  …One thing I’ve heard some people say is “No Olympians do CrossFit”, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  There are many Olympic Athletes who do CrossFit.  Many of which are not only Medal winning athletes, but Gold Medal winning athletes, such as US Women’s Soccer Captain, Christie Rampone.

…But “Olympic Medal winning athletes that do CrossFit” isn’t really where I’m going with this post.

The Olympic Games alternate every two years between Summer and Winter events.  Thus, for most Olympic Athletes, the “Main Event”, if you will, is every 4 years.  …Sure, there’s other events of significance during those 4 years in between Olympic Games; …little things like, you know, “Nationals” or “World Championships” and such.  But really, …the “Main Event”, the Olympic Games, comes every 4 years.

…Think about that for a moment; …every 4 years.

Four years of extremely focused, dedicated, relentless and grueling training for one primary long-term goal, …winning Olympic Gold.

…What if us CrossFiters could think along those lines?

I see many CrossFiters that sometimes focus a little too much on the short term gains or worry about always trying to “PR”, …especially if we have friends and training partners around us who are PR’ing.  So much so, that we sometimes become gravelly dismayed at our performance or development if we don’t “PR” on a given day or if, worse yet, …we hit a weight that’s 5# less than our Personal Best.  “…OMG!!–I must SURELY be doing something wrong!!”

I know we all want to make the CrossFit Games next year, …and while that is certainly a worthwhile pursuit and can greatly motivate us in our training, …what if you could think a bit beyond that scope and timeline….  What if instead of simply looking at your training in terms of the next few weeks, couple months, or next years CrossFit Games season, …you could also see the bigger picture and envision your progression and development as an athlete, …as a CrossFiter, …over the next four years.  …Think about it for a moment.  …Seriously.  Take a moment and think about where you will be four years from now.  …How much stronger, …how much faster, …how much more savagely awesome you will be four years from now with extremely dedicated training and discipline.  …What if the CrossFit Games were every four years?

Learn to view your training and progression, not just in weeks and months, …but on a much grander scale and more profound timeline.  …Learn to see the bigger picture.  …”Short term” goals and chasing the gains you can make in weeks and months are necessary, valid and important in your development, …but if you can also learn to view your training on a grander scale and think about your personal development as a CrossFit Athlete over a broader timeline, …I think it will awaken for you a new perspective to not only your long-term training, but short-term training as well.  …“Adaptation over time”, right?

…Think of what you can, (and will), accomplish in the next four years.  …I know I think about it.  …No, I don’t mean I just think of where *I* will be with 4 more years of dedicated and focused training, …but I often find myself thinking of where YOU will be with 4 more years of dedicated and focused training.  …I can’t help it, …I see how far you’ve come up to this point, …and I just start thinking of where you will be 4 years from now; …how much more you will have accomplished for yourself.  …It’s pretty cool to think about, actually.  …Envision it for yourselves.

…Can you develop the incredible focus, foresight and patience of an Olympic Athlete?

…If you’re like most of us who’ve fallen in love with this methodology and community, you’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that this is not only an important part of your life, but that this will be a part of your life from here on out.  So with that being the case, …while you’re relatively “shorter term” goals of flensing a few pounds, adding 10 pounds to your Back-Squat, getting a Muscle-Up, shaving 27 seconds off of your “Helen” time, or doing well in next years Regionals, are all very significant and important, …just think of where you’ll be in another 4 years.

…That is truly something worth envisioning……

...Sometimes it requires a bit of extra organization and planning to ensure classes run smoothly, such as this "map" of where all 16 athletes bars go, depending on which side & set of cones they were assigned during Tuesdays 5-10-5 Short Shuttle & Clean-&-Jerk Interval work. ...Sometimes my slight bit of "OCD" is quite helpful, aiding in organizational diagrams such as this, ...yet it doesn't seem to help at all when it comes to the organization of the trunk of my car....


3 Thrusters, O.T.M., x10 Minutes (5# heavier than last week)


Team Wod For Time;

800 Meter Run


Six Rounds Each Of;

5 Hang-Power-Cleans

10 Box-Jump-Overs

15 Double-Unders


200 Meter Run

(Rx: M = 185, W = 113)

Teams of Two each Run an 800, as soon as they get to their bar, performing one athlete at a time, they each do 5 Hang-Power-Cleans, 10 Box-Jump-Overs, 15 Double-Unders, before switching partners.  Each Partner does 6 rounds in an alternating format, (12 rounds amongst the team).  After both team members have completed their last round, they run together on a 200.  Their “Time” is when both athletes cross the finish line of the 200m Run.


Monday’s Labor Day Hours; 9:00 and 10:00 am classes only!  Get your WOD in and enjoy your holiday!

Rowing Clinic-Sunday 11-12.