For My Girls

Nike's latest ad camaign for "real" women

So listen.  I do appreciate the attempt of Nike to reach out to us “real women” and all.  I like the poem even.  I can relate to it.  I can raise my glass to the message.  I love that every day I get to be surrounded by women to want to be strong and fit and athletic.  I love that the women at our gym aren’t the ones who show up at Curves declaring the cliche  “I don’t want to get big, I just want to get toned and sculpted.” (Btw, no  crap!  I’ve never heard of a girl coming in with the goal of becoming massive and bulky! That’s not our goal here.)  I love that we are surrounded by strong athletic women who embrace a full athletic figure and who work hard to get it.   And I (kind of) appreciate that Nike is apparently  attempting to reach out to us.

But is that really our idea of a big butt? Is it just me or is that girl like a size zero?  Instead of turning this post into my own personal soap box, I want to hear from you.  Please comment if you see the multi level oxymoronic nature of the above ad.  Please comment with any of your thoughts.


Muscle Snatch


3 Rounds

1 min max burpees

1 min rest

1 min max calorie row

1 min rest

1 min double unders

1 min rest