For The Kids

Marylou perfecting the Snatch

Eli warming up with a 500m row

Because they’re watching you.  They are inspired by you.  Even when you don’t even realize it.

The other day Judy, a regular mid-morning client, came to class excited to share a soccer story about her son Jasper.  Jasper had been playing in a big soccer game and was involved in a big play where he chased an opponent down to save a goal.  After the game he said to Judy, “Mom, I was chasing him down and I was getting so tired I wanted to stop.  Then I thought of you in CrossFit and I thought ‘if Mom can do it, so can I!’”

Judy was proud.  Proud and yet surprised that her son had been paying such close attention.  But that’s the thing about kids.  They soak up everything around them.  They are sponges, easily influenced, and easily inspired.  At CrossFit West, we have lots of clients with kids who show up day in and day out, working hard both mentally and physically.  Just today, Marylou and Zephyr were mimicking the snatches, burpees, and double unders they see their parents do on a regular basis- and doing it well.  Even baby Eli was getting a good row session in during the 10AM warm up.  In a world where childhood obesity is at an all time high, and kids spend more time sitting in front of a computer or TV playing video games than riding their bikes outside with friends, it’s pretty cool to know that there are still inspirational parents out there passing on good work ethic and positive energy.

Keep it up parents of CrossFit.  We salute you!




AMRAP 2 min

BB Lunge (95/65)

rest 1 min


Tabata Burpees

rest 1 min


5x 100m row sprints w/30 sec rest