Forging Elite Community







I know that there a some things that I harp on overly much here at CrossFit West.  Deadlifts, overhead squats, Grace, to name a few.  Another is community.

And so, here is another post about community.  Community is very important to CrossFit.   Now, all CrossFit gyms are pretty familial, but CF West, perhaps because of our unique situation of renting space inside a larger gym, is even more tight knit.  Thus, we value our community all the more.

Part of the genius of CrossFit, and the joy, is the small group class.  Nothing encourages people to excel more than small group classes, and nothing engenders camaraderie like small group classes.  This is where the CrossFit dynamic is most apparent.  We celebrate each others’ achievements and milestones as if they were are own.  We push and cajole each other to new PRs. We love Kyle despite his blacker-than-black heart and evil ways.

In that vein, please join me in offering congratulations to Steve and Athena on the birth of their first child, Elias.  And yes, I do plan on getting him into CrossFit as soon as he can get his little hands around a pullup bar.

Now that is a proud papa!

Now that is a proud papa!



21, 15, 9

Kettlebell Snatch R/L 53/35#


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