Fran Ladder

Greg, Tenaya, and the Mowgli boy hanging out before class. Greg won't look so happy after WOD 6, but Tenaya and Mowgli will look just as cute.

The best is often saved for the last. Or the worst. It is all a matter of perception. The last workout of the Open Qualifier just might be the most intimidating WOD that could come up. A Fran ladder. A chest-2–bar Fran ladder.

Fran is possibly the most feared workout in the CrossFit pantheon as it is, certainly the most storied, and WOD 6 of the Qualifier takes Fran to a new level. A ladder of ascending reps of thrusters and chest-2-bar pullups. The reps go up in units of three for 7 minutes. Yeah, it’s evil.

Predictions anyone? Please post to Comments.


Rest Day

Your daily moment of Zen (here for Macs, and here for Windows). An old favorite of mine. The mighty Amundson does Heavy Fran circa 2007. Both Jason and I were there cheering him on. As I am sure he will agree, it was a great moment.