Friday Night Lights

Mike, with supreme focus, has no problem what-so-ever tackling the Turkish Get-Up with a loaded barbell after successfully working the Dumbbell, the Kettle-Bell, and the Slam-Ball. (Yes, he was successful with the loaded barbell too.)

With every interval of Monday's Deficit HandStand PushUp practice, I increased the difficulty for Tiphanie....

And with every interval, she easily conquered the challenge....

Friday Night's Endurance Class; 18 in the 4:30, 16 in the 5:30. ...Fricken awesome.

Friday Night Lights

In Highschool Football, many games are played on Friday Night.  Many of these games are a huge draw for not only the parents of those on the team, but for entire communities, especially in the midwest.  In some towns, the entire community gets together for the friday night Football games, especially when it’s a game vs a long standing opponent and part of a storied rivalry.  These are easily some of the best sporting and community events you could ever attend as they not only bring entire communities together, but provide great entertainment as many of the games are very close and filled with extremely exciting plays by many great athletes.  There have been books, movies and TV shows made about the friday night Football games and the culture around it, many coined with the title of “Friday Night Lights.”

A while back, CrossFit West Santa Cruz started offering the “optional endurance wod” for some of the Friday classes; …a longer time domain wod with no strength element due to the length of the wod, for which I’ve hopped in and participated several times.   …It started out as just that, …a few of the clients would opt for the “Endurance Wod” in lieu of the “normal” programmed class wod.

But, …over time, …what was originally “optional”…has morphed into something…more.

I had the opportunity to cover tonight’s classes while Chris is at one of his best friend’s weddings, (Congratulations, Nick Burger and Marissa Wat!!!–I’m SO happy for you two!!…It’s about damned time, btw!!–Haha!).  Just yesterday, I had mentioned to Britsy, “Well the Endurance Wod is optional and…“, before I could finish, she laughed out loud and said something to the effect of, “Oh please, Friday Night classes, EVERYONE does the endurance Wods!

Sure enough, I had 18 people in tonights 4:30 class and 16 in the 5:30 class and every single person opted to do the “optional” Endurance Wod.  (I was SO amped!!)  …All these people came together to hit up the long Endurance Wod, and they did so on a Friday night.  …It was pretty fricken awesome.

What was of even greater significance; …half of the attendees in tonights classes had already come to class at some point earlier in the day for the regularly scheduled wod and were, indeed, …doing a “DOUBLE DAY!!”  …That’s just fricken awesome.

18 people in the 4:30 and 16 people in the 5:30, …and doing a double-day.  …I’ve mentioned before that YOU inspire US.  …Well, …this is just another example of how.

…An entire community coming together on a friday night for something…amazing.

…”Friday Night Lights”, indeed….


3 Sets of:

Front Rack Reverse Lunges Alternating Legs, 12 Total

Partner Wod!!

AMRAP 25 min:

400m Run

30 Wallball (20/14)

30 Box Jumps (24/20)

Partners alternate work/rest.  Partner A Runs 400m.  Partner B does 30 Wallball.  Partner A does 30 Box Jumps.  Partner B Runs 400m…..and so on for 25 min.