Have a friend join and get paid!



Ok you got that friend that’s on the fence, or maybe you have someone in the back of your mind that would love CrossFit but has never experienced it. Or has experienced it and taken a little break from it. Call, text, or Snapchat them to come sign up for CrossFit Ready or CrossFit West! For every member that gets a friend to sign up in the month of June will receive $50 bucks cash! Sign them up for elements and then a month membership? Thats $50 for the elements, and another $50 for the membership! Get 3 friends to join $150! Share the gift of fitness (especially now that summer is knocking), and get some cash! Check below for details


Rules of the game:
For any trainer or member:
– Have the prospected member sign up for any form of membership (170 full time member, 150 firefighter, 115 student, or, elements).
– Have them email [email protected], letting them know who their referral is.
Ex: ” Hi my names is The Hulk, and I just signed up for the 170 monthly unlimited. I was referred to by Tony Stark. “
= 50 bucks to Tony Stark
“Hi my name is Captain America, and I have no experience and signed up for elements. I was referred to by Black Widow.”
= 50 bucks to Black Widow.
– Promotion expires at the end of June.
– Email [email protected] or call 800-726-9348 for any further questions.