Blast from the past - Desmond and Vero at the '09 Games

Hi Folks- Well, it’s getting late on Friday and to be perfectly honest, my laptop battery is about to die and I left the charger at the box, so it’s going to be a short one tonight.  I sat down at my desk and thought to myself “what can I say about CrossFit that is super meaningful?”  Which movement can I critique?  How can I relate CrossFit to some ancient myth?  What about CrossFit is groundbreaking, earth-shattering, and totally life-changing?    …it’s not any of those things really…  How has CrossFit changed my life the most?  What is wholly different for me than 5 years ago?

My friends. I love you guys.  You make me a better person.  Thank you.



Backsquat – 2 Reps on-the-minute for 12 minutes @ 84% of your 1RM


AMRAP 8 Minutes:
1 Rope Climb
4 Split Jerks (2 Left-Foot-Forward, 2 Right-Foot-Forward @ 155/105)
8 Broad Jumps