Hand over hand; not quite as easy as our simian cousins make it look.

CrossFit is fun. At least, it should be. While the saying that “it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun”, which has especial meaning in the middle of a WOD, is certainly a part of hard training, CrossFit should be a joyous activity. I mean this both physically and mentally.

CrossFit is not easy and we drive our bodies hard, but it should be full of fun movement, not just burpees. Fun doesn’t mean easy though. At CrossFit West Santa Cruz, ‘fun’ often means skill work. Most higher skill moves, such as levers or handstands or kettlebell feats, are hard to put into a WOD and are thus neglected in favor of movements commonly seen in WODs. This is a mistake. Any class can spare some time to swing around on the rings or monkey walk along the pullup bars or juggle kettlebells. Remember, while higher skill moves may not exhaust you the way Cindy does, at CrossFit we are trying to develop all of the 10 fitness attributes, not just power, strength, and endurance.

CrossFit should also be fun mentally. Although you should feel worked to the bone after a class and WOD, you should not feel mentally exhausted or frustrated. These are signs of overtraining and physical injury is soon to follow. CrossFit should not be approached as a job or work. Always strive to better your performance and increase your intensity, yes, but do not be despondent or overly frustrated and disappointed with yourself if you don’t. How often in our day do we get to forget everything and just focus on being, just focus on ourselves? At the risk of sounding overly prosaic, CrossFit should help one face and overcome day-to-day challenges and troubles, not be one itself.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit? How has it affected your day-to-day life?


21, 15, 9

Windshield Wipers (sub knees to elbows if you can’t do windshield wipers)

Row for Calories

GHD Situps

Double Unders

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