George of the Gymnastics Program

We have Powerlifting..We have Olympic Lifting…and now…dun dun duuuun… We have a gymnastics program! Meet one of our newest editions to CrossFit West/Ready…Coach George!
 George has been in the sport of gymnastics for 19 years and was a competitive gymnast from age 6-17.  He has spent years coaching many levels of gymnastics from  beginners to competitive athletes.  Welcome George and try out one of his classes during the week! Improve your gymnastic movements with drills, and techniques to help you become stronger and better aware of your body! Focus will be on creating a strong platform in the gymnastic movements commonly associated with CrossFit (Toes to bar, kipping vacations).This class is Free to all members to participate in!
First Class  will be this Saturday at 11am at CrossFit Ready!
Regular schedule will begin next week
Saturdays at 11am at CrossFit Ready
Thursdays (28th first class at West) at 530pm at CrossFit West.
Feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions.