Gestalt part deux

The boys take a rest after a hard WOD.

If we look at strength and the pursuit of fitness as a unified whole, as gestalt, then we must look at the way, the means, to that strength and fitness.  The pursuit of excellence that is so integral to CrossFit demands that the means to the end be of equal importance as the end itself.  This is the true gestalt.

An understanding of gestalt means that one understands that how goals are reached matters a great deal.  The end result is merely the sum of many parts, of many steps, and gestalt is a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts.  It is the journey that matters and therefore how one undertakes that journey matters.

Just as CrossFit espouses a balance of physical attributes, so too there must be a balance of end and means.  The pursuit of excellence in anything, strength and fitness included, is not a short term trend, but rather a lifetime striving.  When a specific goal or ideal is elevated at the cost of all else, at the cost of the unifying principle of gestalt, then the essential character of the pursuit is violated. The pursuit of excellence for the sake of an end attainment is not balance, and certainly not gestalt.

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Rest Day