Get Cocky

CFWSC ace Jocelyn Forest; mid stride on 8x200m repeats with a 45# sandbag.

I was watching a buddy of mine lift the other day and I was struck by the change in his attitude when he began his lifts.  Normally he is the nicest humble guy, but when he got his hands on the barbell he changed.  He was still nice, but some of that humility disappeared and he got a little cocky.  I asked him about it after his lifting session (during which he worked up to nearly a double bodyweight clean).  He said that he needs to get a little cocky during his lifting sessions in order to make the lifts.  He needs that boost that comes with greater self-confidence. He said that while he knows that in the world of Olympic weightlifting his numbers are nothing special, when he is about to attempt a big lift, he has to believe that he is a great lifter, that this lift is a great lift.  He has to believe that he is going to make that lift. He has to fire himself up, thus he needs to get a little cocky.

But, when his workout is over, he is back to his old self.  He knows that, as the saying goes, somewhere in China there is a 120 pound girl warming up with his best weight.  Not to mention, he said, it’s just lifting weights after all. His cockiness on the platform is a strategy to get that weight overhead.  It’s a tool that builds him up and gets his mind in gear, just as his lifting shoes are a tool for added stability and power.  He takes off both tools when he leaves the training gym.

So, get a little cocky, boost up your self-confidence, because no matter what weight is on the bar, you are a great lifter, and whatever lift you are attempting next is a great lift.

How do you boost yourself up before a lift?  Please post to Comments.


Snatch Weakness Training

If you are having problems with the 2nd pull, work Snatch High Pulls.

If you are having problems with the 3rd pull, work Snatch Balances.


5 Rounds

2 Muscle Ups

3 Squat Cleans 185/115#

6 Thrusters 135/85#

10 Pullups C2B

200m Run

Post WOD time to Comments.