Getting Excited

Big Matt S shows off the world's biggest tie dyed shirt. If a shirt is big on Matt then it is a very big shirt. Rumor has it that it used to be a tent at Burning Man.

I was over at CrossFit Santa Cruz, the hosts of this year’s SC Affiliate Cup, today dropping off CF West’s entry fee, and I was talking to one of their coaches about the Cup. She was jazzed about it, excitedly talking about how big it is going to be and how much work it has been and what a killer event it has become. It is a killer event. Seeing all the affiliates from the birthplace of CrossFit get together for a fun and friendly comp is awesome, especially when you see how many participants there are. Last year’s Cup had about 150 competitors and this year is going to be bigger. It’s all about fun and participation. CrossFit West Santa Cruz alone is bringing 8 teams. And the level of competition in the advanced division is high, as several teams will be boasting past and current Regional competitors. I am particularly excited to see the coaches’ team in action. Each affiliate is donating an owner or coach for a special coaches’ team that will go head-to-head with the advanced teams. Good fun.

Given all this, it’s easy to get pumped about it. Saturday, October 20th. See you there.


Back Squat



400m Run Buy In

10 Rounds:

5 Ring Dips

5 Pullups

400m Run Buy Out