Is CrossFit For Me?

“hardcore”, “intensity” or “elite”

At Crossfit West, we throw around a lot of words like “hardcore”, “intensity” or “elite” when we talk about CrossFit fitness. We use esoteric and scientific explanations and terms for what we do. We like to talk numbers and weights, such as putting bodyweight overhead, pumping out 30 or 40 pullups, deadlifting double bodyweight, rowing a sub 1:30 for 500 meters, or repping muscle ups. We talk workouts and times: a 3 minute Fran or Grace, this many rounds on Cindy, an 8:00 Helen.

High Level

We are happy that Olympic and other high level, elite athletes such as professional fighters are utilizing CrossFit in ever increasing numbers. We are proud that Special Forces, Navy Seals, SWAT, firefighters, and others who are often in harms way are using CrossFit to stay alive. Basically, we are serious about fitness. And, in the real world, fitness is a relative thing. You may never turn in a record score on Fight Gone Bad, or a record time on Angie, or win the CrossFit Games. That’s OK, we may not either.

CrossFit is for Everyone

CrossFit is for everyone. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience or level. We use our same routines for elderly individuals with heart disease as for cage fighters one month out from a televised bout. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist. The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not by kind. Our special forces, firefighters, surfers, mountain bike riders, computer programers, mechanics, and housewives have found their best fitness from the same regimen.

CrossFit West over other gyms?

We will push you (and ourselves) for greater intensity, better technique, faster times, better form, heavier loads, and more reps. Come with desire–you need to want the best fitness of your life. No matter what your age, weight, experience, or fitness level, the equation stays the same–max effort leads to max intensity which leads to a fitness level that will astound you every day. CrossFit changes lives. Let it change yours just like it has changed ours.

Let Me Tell You About CrossFit



Veronique Baudon

CVBA “Triple-A Rated”; Top 40 Ranked Women’s Beach Volleyball

As a AAA rated CBVA volleyball player, mother of two, and working professional, there is no doubt that the CrossFit program has increased my athletic potential and helped with the overall balance of my physical skills. Additionally, CrossFit West is of course a beautiful facility with professional, intense coaching and great programming. But to me, this is more than just a CrossFit box; this is a great community where we help each other to stand up in front of challenges. There is a spirit of constant improvement here to make people healthier and happier. All these ingredients are what make the journey with CrossFit West Santa Cruz so fun. Thanks for the ride!


Chris Carlson

UCSC Lacrosse – All American, Defensive Player of the Year, three-time 1st team All League

Throughout my athletic career I have ran hundreds of miles, swam thousands of laps, and spent countless hours lifting weights, but nothing has gotten me more prepared to physically compete and perform to my potential than the coaches at Crossfit West. The training I have received here is unprecedented and has helped me on and off the field. I can run faster, hit harder, and last longer on the field due to the fitness I have obtained in the gym. Off the field I have more energy, more drive, and a better attitude that I attribute entirely to Crossfit West. Whether I need to sprint that extra minute on the field or climb another mile of a mountain, I feel completely prepared due to the training I have received from Sam, Cliff, Jason, Danny, and Chris. Thanks Guys!


Jason Nee

Captain – Santa Cruz County Central Fire District; 2008 Firefighter of the Year; Two-time Gold Medal Winner of the Fitness Challenge at the California Summer Firefighter Olympics

I am a full-time fire captain and a full-time father of two children. Since starting at CrossFit West in 2008, I have developed a mental toughness and focus that allows me to work through the most demanding physical tests as well as transferrence over to my occupation to enable me to get through challenging times on a fire incident. The conditioning that I have received at CrossFit West has enabled me to keep up with younger employees and continue to enjoy my vigorous lifestyle away from work. The coaching at CrossFit West is superb and professional. I am always impressed with the attention to detail that the trainers employ each class. I am even more impressed when Jason and Sam know the name of every client who walks in the door. Finally, the wonderful community at CrossFit West (especially the 6am class) lets me know when I have missed too many days and keeps me striving for improvement.


Lauren Gregg

Professional Mountain Biker, Women’s Pro Champion – 2012 CCCX Race Series Fort Ord

Training at CrossFit West, I was able to get my fitness to a really strong level by the start of my season. The upper body and core strength I developed has really helped out my bike handling skills, and working my legs at the gym has increased the power in my pedal stroke. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my riding since starting at CrossFit West. I honestly can not think of any cross training that could be more beneficial to my racing. I was able to start the season off strong and win my first race, and I definitely attribute a great deal of my strength to CrossFit. I am really looking forward to the rest of my races this year, and I know the base fitness I have developed at CFW is going to be a major advantage for me throughout my season.


Austin Einhorn

NCAA Volleyball – 1st Team All-American

Before CrossFit I had tried every workout regime and all sorts of supplements to help me jump higher and hit harder for volleyball. CrossFit has increased my vertical, hitting, and work capacity immensely. On top of that it has helped me stay injury free and reduced my sport-induced knee pain more than physical therapy or supplements ever have – not to mention it’s the most fun I’ve ever had inside a gym. As I move in to professional volleyball here in Europe, one thing I have noticed and am very thankful for is that I am here with some of the 50 best collegiate volleyball graduates who all come from various training backgrounds (none of which are CrossFit). They continue to degrade their play and complain about soreness and not being able to perform at their highest level. I on the other hand feel great and can cope with and overcome all this physical activity and mental stress because of CrossFit West’s programming and preparation.


Emily Radestsky

Competitive Distance Runner, Avid Mtn Biker, Outdoor Enthusiast

Emily on tackling Mtn Biking for the first time since taking up CrossFit: There were moments when I absolutely wanted to quit. There were moments when my quads were cramping, I was gasping for air and literally the only thing that kept me going was a mantra of “”. And, cheesy or not, I know that that mantra was born from the CrossFit world. Finishing all those stupid (wonderful) WODS that made me want to cry and/or die is really what has instilled in me the idea that I CAN do things.

So thank you CrossFit.

Thank you for convincing me that I can do pullups and throw heavy weight around. Thank you for convincing me that 30 wasn’t too late to learn how to swim. Thank you for teaching me that strong is beautiful. Thank you for putting that little voice inside my head that told me to quit my job, and change my life, and make it to the top of that hill.


Sean Woolery

University of Oregon – Rugby Team Captain

In a sport like rugby, conditioning is the name of the game. Without question, CrossFit has had a direct correlation to my transition from a high school 250 pounder to a dedicated collegiate athlete. CrossFit has helped me to elevate my athletic ability to the point where I can perform at a high level every minute of the match. In my experience, there are very few training programs that can translate directly to improved athleticism on the field. CrossFit allowed me to lead by example on the field with conviction and energy that I otherwise would not have had. My conditioning in the offseason with CrossFit, is the difference between simply making a play and setting an example for your teammates. As captain of the University of Oregon rugby team I was quick to realize that confidence and determination are contagious. Sweating and succeeding in a CrossFit program such the program here at Crossfit West is how I am confident that I can play to my full capabilities to the 80th minute with hustle and energy. Especially now, after working with trainers like Jason and Sam I feel stronger, faster, and more confident than ever entering into a new season. I can say with the utmost honesty that I would not be where I am physically OR mentally today if not for the support and comradery that CrossFit West offers. I am humbled by their diligence and amazed at their skill.


Adam Boothe

UCSC Cross Country
– Head Coach

In life you’ve got to have an open mind. Sounds easy enough, but as runners & walkers we often get into a one track mind. You know what I’m talking about; the obsessive compulsive act of practicing only our sport. Then I took some time off and stopped living the life of a runner. When I wanted to start training again, I found I couldn’t run many miles before I was injured. I ran fast, I ran slow, I ran only on dirt, barefoot running, you name it. It soon became clear that what worked before wasn’t working now. I started to think about some triathletes I knew, they didn’t seem to get injured as much, maybe it had to do with the varied training regimen. I realized that I needed to get in good shape first to run like I used to – about this time I got roped into CrossFit. Now I’m running my fastest times in years and have yet to start back to everyday running. Simply having more overall strength has allowed me to run harder and without pain. I am now adding more running specific training back to my regimen and have not had the setbacks that plagued me for years after college. I can’t say enough about the difference CrossFit has made in my overall strength and endurance. Keep an open mind in life and in training. It’s about being fit and feeling strong. Once you have that, running will take care of itself and you’ll run longer, faster, further.