Gideon’s 3000 Mile WOD

Gideon post workout

Gideon post workout

Tonight’s post is written by our Paleo Challenge Winner and dedicated athlete, Gideon.  Gideon is away for the week, but it doesn’t stop CrossFit from poping up throughout his trip.  Have a great time Gideon! 

Functional Fitness


Friday my girlfriend and I flew to Rhode Island for a wedding. My intention was to take 7 days off of training to let my various aches and pains heal. And yet I found myself with CrossFit on my mind, especially the idea of functional fitness.


Being the gentleman that I am, I did all of the heavy lifting when our luggage was involved. As I picked up both of our bags and walked them to my car, I immediately flashbacked to one of Sam’s WODs that involved walking to the ceramics building and back while carrying a dumbbell and kettlebell of different weights. The distance was shorter and the weights were lighter, but the same movements and muscle groups applied. Then throughout the day I kept seeing many of the movements that we train with being put to real-world situations.


Putting the bags in my car – Deadllift.

Lifting bags to the upper shelf on the shuttle bus – Power Clean


Luckily we didn’t have to run, but in the past I’ve been known to sprint to my gate with a backpack, a duffel bag strapped to one shoulder while carrying another because the strap broke.


400m run with a weighted vest, med ball or a weighted log carried with one arm and a dumbbell/kettlebell in the other


On the plane I saw people struggling to put their carryon luggage in and taking them out of the overhead bin. They could have benefitted from doing a few Clean and Jerks and the descending portion of a Turkish Getup.


We were picked up from the airport in a Forerunner, which is a higher than my car.


Putting the bags in the back of a Forerunner – SDHP

Taking them out– Hang SDHP


The final and most intense ‘movement’ of the trip involved carrying the bags and my backpack across a gravel covered lawn, then up a flight of stairs that had a right-angle bend. The stairwell was too narrow to hold either bag on my side, so I had to hold them in front of me (semi-bouncing them off my knees) as I ascended. Granted I could’ve done this in multiple trips, but my ego and the 40 degree weather on my California-thinned skin thought otherwise. I’m proud to say I finished WOD with an excellent time.


You don’t have to be a MMA cage fighter or an Olympic athlete, nor do you have to be training for a ½ marathon or getting ready for snowboarding season to see the benefits of why we show up and work intensely for an hour a day. You could just be a guy trying to impress his new girlfriend on a trip to the east coast.




50 ft weighted walk (25# dumbbell and 35# kettlebell)

1x 25# DL – 35# DL couplet

1x 25# Power Clean – 35# Power Clean couplet

1x 25# SDHP – 35# SDHP couplet

1x 25# Hang SDHP – 35# Hang SDHP couplet

25 ft weighted walk (25# dumbbell and 35# kettlebell and 20# weighted vest)

16-step weighted stair climb (25# dumbbell and 35# kettlebell and 20# weighted vest)

16 alternating one-armed KBS (25# and 35#)

My time: 12 hours.


See you guys in a week.



Clean & Jerk

Heavy Singles


10×30 yards- rest 1 min between each