Girl Power

By Jocelyn

When I first started coaching I used to call home and talk to my Dad about EVERYTHING.  The ups and downs, the exciting as well as the mind numbing; I’d ask advice or reminisce about what I was like “at that age.”  He gave me one really good word of advice that has stuck with me to this day.  He said, “Joc, you gotta figure out what makes ’em tick.”

Very true.

Recently Sam posted an article called “Get Off Your Knees” about girls doing whatever it takes to work towards real push ups while avoiding the so called “girl push ups” from the knees.  It instantly sparked quite a bit of attention from the ladies.  Rather, it inspired them.  It got them ticking.  In my very first class the morning after that post at least 3 women were adamant about not scaling to the knees, finding boxes or plates to scale with, and even many digging deep and finding the strength to do real push ups.  There were even more ambitious women in the next class, and yet more in the next.

And that attitude didn’t die off after a day or even two.  It’s been going strong ever since.  Girls are beaming with that new found empowerment and confidence, pushing themselves farther than they thought they ever would, getting off their knees, and getting stronger one rep at a time.  That’s girl power.  And that’s pretty cool.

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Snatch Balance (50-60% of snatch)

1 every 30 seconds for 10 min


75 OH Plate Lunges for time (45/25)




Double Under

Sit Up