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Got mobility? Arsy V.

Today is the anniversary of the Peace Corps, founded 50 years ago by President John Kennedy.  People who choose to serve others are, in my opinion, a special breed. Especially as altruistically as a Peace Corps volunteer. My uncle, a doctor, spent a couple years in Thailand as Peace Corps volunteer rather than fight in the Vietnam War. My closest friend’s mother, a Peace Corps volunteer in her sixties, is currently serving in Jordan. Most people her age are enjoying the well-deserved fruits of life, but she felt a different calling.

Hospice is another organization that holds a special place in my heart. Rarely do you ever see people who are as caring of others as the people in Hospice. They fill so many roles with such grace, compassion, and skill.  It is incredible. Some day I hope to be able to endow Hospice, and pay back some of what they give.

As a CrossFit trainer, I hope to affect others lives as positively as people from the Peace Corps and Hospice do. As an affiliate co-owner, I sincerely hope that my gym is a place where people, through their own hard work and determination, change their lives for the better.


Back Squat

7×3 (add five pounds to the bar)


7 Rounds

2 Power Snatches @ 70% BW

5 Power Cleans

7 Toes-2-Bar

10 Pushups