Debbie G

Genetically Modified foods are ever getting more and more pervasive. Here are some of the most heavily modified foods.

Topping the list are soybeans and corn. Not only are these two crops heavily modified, about 90 and 80 percent of all US grown soybeans and corn respectively, but soy and corn can be found in a staggering array of food. Just because what you are eating is not a “soy” or “corn” product, doesn’t mean it does not have GM soy or corn in it.

Canola Oil is made from rapeseed which are called canola in its genetically modified form. It’s right there in the name. Canada modifies about 80% of its rapeseed crop and the US is not far behind. Unfortunately GM rapeseed produces one of the main pollens used to make honey. It has been proven that as much as a third of all honey from Canada could possibly qualify as a GM food itself.

Strawberries, tomatoes, are all papayas are heavily modified to protect against cold and extend shelf life. In the case of strawberries, a fish gene has been spliced into the strawberry seed.

Milk. Cows are given a hormone to keep milk producing cells alive in cows longer than normal, thus producing larger yields. Cows given this hormone are often more prone to sickness and disease and die younger than their more natural cousins.

Aspartame–just stay away from it. For a lot of reasons.

This is just a short list. There are many other crops and foods that are being genetically modified in ever-increasing numbers. Salmon, cotton, squash and zucchini, peas, rice, potatoes, and sugar beets, to name a few. The dangers of GMOs are only now becoming widely known and are growing as well.

I swear, it’s a jungle out there.





5 Rounds

3 MU

5 Hang Power Clean (185/130)