Goal Setting Seminar w/Greg Amundson

Amundson full bore.

Have you ever wished that you had a chance to train at the old CrossFit Headquarters?  Do you ever wish you could learn from one of the well known CF instructors that do not regularly conduct classes anywhere?  Now is your chance.  CrossFit West Santa Cruz is hosting a free workshop with Greg Amundson:

“Goal Setting and Mental Toughness”

Goal setting and positive self talk are critical skills to understand in the pursuit of elite fitness. In this hands-on seminar, you will learn how to set and achieve your goals. Athletes will learn how to maximize the power of their self-talk and gain a deeper appreciation for the mental component of CrossFit training. In addition, athletes will receive personalized instruction on mental techniques and strategies to develop a winning mindset and an indomitable spirit.

Greg Amundson is the original CrossFit firebreather.  For many years he was the CrossFit standard bearer and a trainer at the original CF headquarters.  He was one of the first Certification coaches and is rightly considered a legend in the CrossFit world.  Greg is renowned for his indomitable will as well as his deep and creative knowledge of training and CrossFit. Due to work constraints, he rarely trains people and no longer teaches classes.  This workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from an acclaimed CrossFit coach who has pioneered the mental side of CrossFit training. And it is free.

What: Goal Setting Seminar with Greg Amundson

Where: CrossFit West Santa Cruz

When: Friday, July 23rd

Time: 5:30-7:30pm

Who is it for: Anyone who is interested in improving their mental performance and goal setting.

Cost: Hey, it’s free

Reservations: Email [email protected] to reserve your seat. You must reserve your seat via email as space is limited.


1/2 Tabata Couplet

Deadlift bw

Broad Jump 6′

Rest 5 minutes, then:

1/2 Tabata Couplet

Deadlift 1.5 bw

Broad Jump 7′

Score is total reps for each of the half Tabata couplets.