Goals Assessments

Summer rocks a scaled Diane.

Summer rocks a scaled Diane.

Great work Summer.

Great work Summer.

Posted by Jocelyn

It’s the year 2010.  It sounds so futuristic.  I remember being in Jr High School English Class writing papers and reading short stories about what it would be like this far down the road.  We had images of flying cars andcities that were built thousands of feet above ground where people lived in towering skyscrapers that resembled the space needle.  We had robotic house keepers and dinner servers and George Jetson style conveyor belts that we passed through to get ready for work or school in just seconds.  It turns out that’s still a ways away. 

However, with the year 2010 comes many new years resolutions and goals and CrossFit West wants to help.  We want to make sure your future holds success.  As a reward to our committed customers CrossFit West now offers 3 FREE customer assessments to make sure you are on the right track. 

How it works:

CF West Assessments are designed to check in with you to see how your fitness is coming along.  It will be up to you to schedule an appointment with a trainer.  Then we will look at the following questions together: What kind of goals did you have when you first started?  How are they coming along?  What are your weaknesses?  Are there any issues with recovery?  Nutrition?  What are your new goals? What is our plan for getting there? 

The trainer will then design a plan of attack for you.  It might be a nutrition or recovery plan or something as simple as telling you how to scale for a particular movement.  For example, if your goal is to finally get a kipping pull up, the coach might tell you that from now on when pull ups come up in a wod, you are no longer going to scale with jumping pull ups but instead assign you band pull ups.  It will be your responsibility come metcon time to scale accordingly.  He or she might also assign you some pull up assistance work to finish class with regularly on your own. 


After 4 months of training- 1 free assessment

After 8 months of training-2nd free assessment

After 12 months of training-3rd free assessment

At CrossFit West we want you to be successful.  We aren’t interested in pushing people through classes just to get you through a workout or provide social hour (although I must say, we are the best social bunch ever).  We genuinely care about your health and longevity and we want you to reach your goals which is why we’ve decided to provide this service to you free of charge.  When you feel you are ready, please contact [email protected] to schedule your free goals assessment. 


Weighted Step Ups w/Bar Bell

5×5 (each leg)

Turkish Get Ups

10 each side

2 rounds of the following:

2 min

12 Jumping Lunges (alternate legs-6 ea leg)

7 Push Press behind the neck (70% 1rm)

2 min

3 cone short shuttle races

*30 seconds rest at the end of each 2 min round