By Jocelyn

I got to thinking about goals recently and how many times we as athletes end up getting through a workout, or sometimes multiple workouts, without giving the slightest thought as to what it is we are trying to achieve. Somewhere along the way, we stopped focusing on the prize: the end result and what it’s all for. Not that we don’t still think about it from time to time; or even daily or when we’re trying to fall asleep at night. But it’s not on our minds constantly- every second of every workout, driving us to push harder, run faster, jump higher, and fight until it’s over. And sometimes we just get lost for a moment (translation: a slump). That’s when it’s time to revisit your goals or better yet, if training has gone well, set new ones.

They say you should state your goals out loud because it makes you accountable. For example, if you are going to embark on a new diet and are trying to lose weight, you should say it out loud because, not only does it help you hold true to your journey, but it cue’s those around you to lend you the support you will need along the way. I did some digging through our old archives and found some old goals from some of our CFWS peeps. Here’s what some people said:

Matt L

Huge Guns


2X BW Deadlift
Sub 10 min Angie
Simply being able to do Grace as prescribed (in a reasonable amount of time).
Sub 1:40 500m row
10 Muscle Ups
Really, truly get my diet under control. I eat healthy and mostly Paleo already. But I don’t keep track of anything and don’t have any method of science to it.
Get my level I cert.


250 Clean, maybe Jerk
Sub 4 Fran
315 Back Squat
Sub 2:35 Grace
1xBW OH Squat
Probably some other stuff that I’ll think of when I get back to it.


50” Box Jump
20 Kipping Pull Ups
5 Butterfly Pull Ups
1 Muscle Up
175 F. Squat
85 OH Squat
140 Clean and Jerk
1.40 500m row
18.5 100m row
Sub 9 min Helen
Sub 9 min Christine

Golden- oh jeez where to start?

Ok, I guess I agree with Joc-my goal is FORM. After that everything will be a breeze so since I was accused of sandbagging the last goals we set here are some better ones:
Sub 7 Helen
Sub 3 Fran
Sub Kyle’s time on every WOD ever
350+ FGB
300 Clean and Jerk
600 Deadlift
1300 CFT
30 Mucle Ups in Sub 10 minutes?
Beat Kyle at every Hero wod at least once
225 Snatch

So, how are those coming guys? As for the rest of us, what are your goals? Have you already reached any that you’ve set since you started?

There have been many CrossFitters who have quit on account of they got tired of “not training for anything.” Without goals, you are doing just that. And that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Don’t forget what it is you are working for in here. Write it down. Say it out loud. And as you reach each goal, check it off your list and make a new one. You will be amazed at how much better you will stay on track and how much better you will be period.


W/Weighted Vest (40/20)
Run 400m
10 Pull Ups
Run 200m
15 Pull Ups
Run 100m
20 Pull Ups
Sprint 50m
25 Pull Ups