Going Hard and Heavy


Emily, mid box jump.

Common fitness wisdom holds that aerobic training is the only way to metabolic conditioning.  Outside magazine trumpets  endurance athletes as the fittest human beings.  At CrossFit we know that a heavy and hard anaerobic WOD highly boosts an athlete’s metabolic conditioning and VO2 max.  A short heavy met con will continue to burn calories as long as 24 hours after the workout.  It’s a phenomenon called ‘high caloric afterburn’.  An aerobic workout, such as an hour on the elliptical machine or a couple rounds of Cybex machines won’t produce the same effect.  A hard and heavy WOD, done in ten minutes or less, will translate directly into increased capacity in all three fitness pathways.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Jerk (BW)

Clean & Jerk (3/4 BW)

Snatch (1/2 BW)

10 Double Unders after each round.

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