Golden Says



Posted by Jocelyn

I asked and a couple of you responded.  As promised, tonight’s rant is brought to you by our very own Juggernaut, Golden.  Bizz is a “regular” at OPEN GYM on Sunday’s, and the fact that he regularly come’s close to beating me on various workouts just proves how much that extra work can pay off!

Open Gym is not an option!

Remember that time in class that you were doing backsquats and everyone got a PR but you ran out of time? Or that time you couldn’t do the WOD on the board because of an injury so you did something different? Ever wanted redemption on a WOD that just beat you down?

Sundays, Sundays, Sundays. Open gym is the time to come back in and get some extra time. In a perfect world the 15-35 minutes we spend in a class on strength would be enough to always get warm, stay warm, amp up and lift heavy. Often times I know I don’t get completely done before time runs out. Sundays you’ve got more time than you’ll know what to do with. Ever wanted to do Fran but the WOD was something completely different? Come on in and do it! How about a Hero WOD? These are something special, typically they are longer, heavier, harder and a real mental game. I can basically guarantee you will never do Murph in a class here. But, want to really challenge your progress in Crossfit? Give it a whirl. Every Sunday I try to do a Hero WOD and usually get my ass handed to me. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want everyone to see me dying on the 400m turn around, but you could be there with me regretting ever starting Crossfit.

In class you may be getting too many ques at once. Chest up, knees out, butt down, look forward, hook grip, weight in the heels, pull back, reaccelerate, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and ….dodge. Please don’t get me wrong now, we all need instruction, but sometimes it helps to just do some work on your own. Or, conversely you can have the trainer film you, analyze your form with you and give you very specific ques. It’s all up to you how Sunday will play out. Of course I get in trouble every Sunday because I spend way too much time in the gym, but it’s my day to decide what torture to put myself through not simply do the WOD prescribed. So with all that in mind:

WOD for next Sunday:


1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 squats

1 mile run

I need to beat 40 mins, who’s with me?



Split Jerk

Beginers- practice technique, working heavy singles.

Advanced find 1RM

4 Rounds

12 OH Walking Lunge (135/95)

21 Box Jumps

400m Run


4x 50ft sled pulls (45/30)

*rest 1 min between sets