Golden before the Paleo ChallengeGolden before starting the Paleo Challenge
Golden just five minutes after starting Paleo
Golden just five minutes after starting Paleo!

There no words to describe Golden. If you haven’t had a class with him, well then, you havent yet enjoyed the entire CrossFit West Santa Cruz experience. Always a jokester, yet phenominal athlete, Golden gives his testimonial.

Someone who has known me for a long time might tell you I have always been in shape, always worked out. This is both true and false. As a kid I did junior guards and school sports… basically my mom is psycho about outdoor activities and I was forced to do any and every sport for most of my life. I started weightlifting in high school and essentially never stopped for the following 12 years. However, progress in a bodybuilding program can be very slow going, in fact most of it is no going without outside help.

So, yes, I was what people see as in shape. When Sam started training CF West Santa Cruz in Gold’s I thought it was great… for other people. I’m a big strong guy, what do I need with cardio? I bench 405#, can you? No, then I’m a beast, you are not. At this point I felt that my strength was in direct correlation to my weight. I could only be strong if I was heavy. I weighed 230# and I was starting to see that I could not shake this new fat deposit around my waist… but I was strong, like stronger than most of the guys at Gold’s strong. Here is where Sam and Crossfit methodology come into the story, not Paleo though. I train CF for 3-4 months and as long as the WOD has a heavy lift and is possibly 2-5 minutes I can smash it. Anything out of those time domains I’m lost. Stopping, dragging, breathing so hard you think I might pass out etc…

I commit full force to a CF only plan in November, give it a couple of months and start getting pissed at Sam! I’ve gained 5 pounds, my wind is not improving in any dramatic way and I kinda look the same as when I started. I’ve made improvements in my numbers, totals, and lifts but I don’t feel right, I feel the same, I feel like I look the same. Sam and I go back and forth about this and Sam keeps saying diet. I’m like look bro I eat ok, I’ve never dieted and I’m one of the strongest guys you know. Sam says great but if you want your wind to improve it is gonna be in the kitchen.

In the beginning of March, Sam posted about Forging Elite Community, I didn’t appear in any of the pics but a picture of my do not eat list was put up from me finally giving in and deciding to try. I cry a little to Sam about me being fat and him calling me out on it, he deflects with some BS about everyone learning from me and I start an un-strict paleo diet. I cease grains, starches, corn, popcorn etc.. I cheat on sauces and occasional little things but I’m pretty good. If you all could have seen what we saw it was crazy. I lost 10 pounds in a month, Joc asked if I was eating at all and being safe about it, I said yeah I eat all the time, I’ll eat 2 bananas with almond butter and honey at 10 o’clock at night and I’m still losing weight. Everyone sees it. I have more energy, and the most noticeable change is that even if I don’t eat I don’t get angry, no more crazy blood sugar swings! Also, if I can’t eat for a while and I finally do I don’t get in that old food coma state where you are sooooo tired after eating. Nothing, I mean nothing has been so overwhelmingly changing across my whole day. It makes my life easier, even being the “guy on a special diet” is easy. Gimme meat, gimme veggies, no potato salad doesn’t work, gimme meat!

Fast-forward 6 months and I’m down 20#s to 210. I have wind, I can do any workout regardless of time domain. Heck I just did Eva, which took me 48+ minutes, and I WANTED to do it. It wasn’t easy but I knew I could do it, got though it and I know I can do any WOD thrown at me. Strength wise all my lifts have gone up, basically I am the alpha and omega! You wanna talk times and weights? Here you go:

Karen 13:26- 6:55
Christine 10:28- 831
Fight gone bad 257- 331
Helen 9:40- 8:12
Deadlift 455- 520
Clean and Jerk- 185- 250
Jerk 225- 295
Pull ups 22- 42
Overhead squat 185- 235
CF total 975- 1100

Oh and the way i look? I was amazingly hot before, now it’s just not fair to compare me to you mere mortals. I look like Brad Pitt in troy and the spartans in 300, only hotter and better looking.

Im not officially part of the paleo challenge because I started early in March. I just wanted to see if my times would get better.

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This Sunday CrossFit West will be hosting a Sunday-Funday workout and BBQ at Seabright Beach. We will meet at 1:00PM for the beach workout. BBQ starts at 2:00pm. Come get your feet sandy and enjoy the last of the Summer Sun. Bring your friends and family!


Find Max Weighted Pull Up

then CrossFit Football Metcon

AMRAP 15min

15 DB Thrusters (45/25)

500m Row