Good vs Evil

I was recently asked; “How would you describe the philosophy of CrossFit?”

…We’re all familiar enough with, and well versed in, the “CrossFit Foundations” PDF and the October 2002 CFJ, “What Is Fitness?”, explaining the underlying principles and philosophy behind CrossFit. …But really, …on a philosophical level, I see CrossFit as so much more than that….

Yes, CrossFit most certainly is a truly amazing and incredibly effective way for humans to realize and maximize their fullest athletic potential, stave off disease, maintain functional independence, and raise the overall athleticism of our entire country in all sports and capacities across the board as more of our youth are benefited by exposure to CrossFit and “CrossFit Kids”.  While that is most certainly significant and incredible, …I really feel there is so much more to it than that.

In life, …in the world, …in humanity, really, throughout the ages, there are powerful forces that can “shift” and “steer” the overall development of humanity and the path for which our entire species takes on this planet.  Call it “good vs evil” or whatever you like.

Within that context, I see CrossFit as a powerful force for “Good”.

When you step back and look at the bigger picture, …I mean really examine it, …in my heart, I truly believe that CrossFit is helping to empower humanity and strengthen our species overall.

…Think about it for a moment; …think of all the peoples lives that have been significantly changed and “bettered” by their experience with CrossFit, …whether it be huge and “life changing”, or even if just in some small way.  …I don’t simply mean by getting people fitter and helping a client secure a new NFL contract, come off of cholesterol lowering meds or keeping our grandparents out of the rest home.  Sure, that stuff is all great and significant, but what I’m referring to is of even greater significance.

…Think of this amazing community that Coach Glassman has developed; …people helping people helping people helping people…and so the flow continues.  Bruce Lee said it best; “When you drop a pebble in a pond you get ripples, soon that ripple fills the whole pond”.  CrossFit is very much that way.  …It doesn’t matter the social strata, ethnicity, country of origin, or background the person has, nor whether they are a long time “CrossFit Coach” with years of experience or a brand new client at a box that says, “I’ve got no idea what I’m doing yet, but it’s fricken awesome!–You can totally do it too!!”

Regardless, …There is always one underlying and powerful constant that is absolutely inherent within CrossFit and the community that has been forged around it; …It is selfless commitment to others, …a sincere and pure desire to help other people and better those around you.  You know it’s true.  You see it every day.  It is inherent.  It is undeniable.  It is overwhelming.  It is inescapable.  It is beautiful.  …It is CrossFit.

I know almost every single person within the CrossFit community can attest to having been almost overwhelmed by how supportive, nurturing and empowering this community has been from the time they first started.  One person affects many who each affect many more and so the “ripple” continues.

I think Coach Glassman would probably say the thing he is most proud of is the CrossFit Community, …this amazing community that has been forged through not only a commitment to excellence, …but through a continued selfless commitment to others.

Coach Glassman has said in the past, “CrossFit is selective of, and attracts, certain character traits.”   While this is certainly true, I also feel that CrossFit helps build, strengthen, enhance and bring out the already “good” character traits that are inherent within us all.  It doesn’t matter the individual or background, whether they’ve had a privileged life or a hard life, …when exposed to CrossFit and embraced by it’s community, …the “constant” always manifests; …that selfless commitment to others and a sincere desire to help and empower those around you.  …Always, …the “good” seems to prevail.

…From my observations over the last 15+ years that I’ve been doing CrossFit, …CrossFit, in a very real way, is serving as a powerful force of “Good” in this world.  …An undeniable force that is slowly turning the tide in the battle between “good and evil”.

CrossFit is strengthening our society, humanity and our entire species as a whole by not only helping people achieve and maximize their fullest athletic potential, …but by serving as a very tangible, sincere and powerful “force for good”.  …That’s just the damned truth.  …And it’s beautiful.

…As a human being, …how could you not want to be a part of that?



"Ok, budy, ...Sooo, this is how we're gonna win this thing...."

Not too long ago, I offered a CrossFit West T-Shirt, on me, to whomever came up with the best caption for a photo I posted.  Golden Brown won last time and he got himself that awesome blue Reebok CrossFit West Santa Cruz shirt that I’m sporting in the photo taken by Austin Einhorn at the top of this post.  Whoever comes up with the best caption for this photo, as decided by PJ Rubel, Matt Malone and myself, will win a CrossFit West T-Shirt, Beanie or Wrist-Wraps of their choice, on me.  Or, what the hell, …a new Rogue SR-1 or SR-1S Jump-Rope, if you so choose.  This contest is open to anyone and everyone, CrossFit West member or not.  If you live in another state or country, but win the vote, then I will announce the winner in comments and you can email me your mailing address along with what your would like and I will personally ship it to you.  Keep in mind these are two of my very good friends, great athletes, and truly great people, so nothing too vulgar or offensive (homophobic) will be considered.  Other than that, it’s all fair game!

Also, …A very important message from CrossFit Chicago who’ve  just released an incredibly insightful and informative video for all CrossFit’ers.  If you train at CrossFit West, you must watch this video and learn some basic essentials regarding “gym etiquette” while in the box.  Here is Part One of what will be a three part series by CrossFit Chicago titled, “Don’t Be That Guy.”


Bench Press,  2/2/2/2/2

In between sets work on pistol practice


Choose a Hero WOD of your choice.